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Beauty Tips and Products


Melanie Taylor joined the technical team of Ashtae Products in 2006. Since then, she travels the world teaching educational classes to cosmetologists and business owners. 


Take a look through the slideshow on the right to see photos from her classes and trade shows. 


Want to buy the products she uses? Scroll below for beauty tips and product recommendations! 


We are dedicated to making sure your hair stays healthy during and between each and every visit to Unique Vision. We cater to all types and textures of hair - natural, relaxed, in transition, textured, curly, kinky - we don't discriminate! We have a variety of maintenance items you can purchase for use in between visits. For example, the Ashtae Sili Gloss leaves your hair shiny without heavy weight. The Ashtae Hair & Scalp Balm is perfect for those with thinning edges or  dry scalp. 


At Unique Vision, we offer a variety of color treatments. Whether you're looking for a bold look or adding some flair to your professional style, we can give you that unique hair color. Not only do we have color treatments but we also offer color maintenance to protect your hair. Our knowledgeable staff can give you that healthy look you desire. Color can be applied on natural or relaxed clients. 


At Unique Vision Hair Salon, we give you the tools, products, and advice to help you maintain your hair on a daily basis. We recommend that you style your hair daily, wrap it with a satin scarf at night, and comb it with the proper comb depending on your hairstyle. If you are prone to dry scalp, we encourage you to use a bit of the Ashtae Hair Oil or Hair & Scalp Balm each night. 


Want to purchase products to use in-between salon visits? Visit Ashtae Online to get your products today. You can get shampoos, conditioners, styling products and more. Click the photo below to start your order!


Not sure what to get? Talk to Melanie about what products best suit your hair needs!

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