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About Unique Vision Hair Salon


Unique Vision Salon opened its doors in 2008 by owner, Melanie Taylor. Unique Vision Hair Salon specializes in healthy, free-flowing hair, natural hair, wedding styles, locs, and more. Our stylists are capable of completing your desired hair vision through various cutting techniques, simple to bold haircoloring, and hair extensions and wigs.


Our Story

Unique Vision Hair Salon is a minority-owned business in multiple ways. As a minority female, Melanie uses her talents to empower other single moms, business owners, and women in their area. 

Our Vision

Our goal and vision is to reach each one of our client's inner beauty. We want to make sure that our clients' inner beauty is reflected in their outer beauty. As a local business, we use our talents to nurture and educate other stylists in our area. We also use our unique position in the beauty industry to upbring young girls through our mentorship program and community service. 

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